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Barbuzzo - Grenade Alcohol Decanter $39.99  $29.99
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Barbuzzo - Grenade Alcohol Decanter

If you feel bombed at the end of the day, reach a for an explosive drink to get you going again with this Grenade Glass Decanter. Be careful though as its contents may blow your head off. This decanter would make a great addition to your home bar. Shaped just like a hand grenade, it features a cork...
Spork Monkey Multi-Tool - Be Ready for Anything! $29.99  $24.99
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Spork Monkey Multi-Tool - Be Ready for Anything!

Be ready for anything! Forged from stainless steel, this amazing tool includes the top 10 most useful tools at the end of a handy Spork. Hang it on your key chain so it's ready when you need it. It's perfect for the home, garage, camping and,of course, travel!