Credit Card Lightbulb - N.O.D.

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Bright Idea in Your Wallet

It's mighty dark in your wallet, a perfect haven for wallet grues. These spawn of old text adventures wreak havoc by de-magnetizing your credit card strips and making that $10 bill you're sure was in there... disappear with out a trace. Largely unknown, the wallet grue is responsible for billions of dollars in losses every year from unsuspecting wallet users. On Desk

Now you can banish those pesky grues and impress your friends with the Credit Card Lightbulb.

This unusual card looks like a flat incandescent bulb, but push the bulb vertical and it unexpectedly lights up. The rest of the card serves as a stand. Store one in your wallet or purse and ward off those deadly grue attacks.

Product Features
Small plastic lightbulb folds flat for storing in your wallet
Flip up for LED light
Same size as a credit card, but a bit thicker
Batteries included

Location : Upstairs Box A8

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  • Model: 5099127
  • Manufactured by: Dragon Impact