We’re not lawyers

September 20th, 2017

Need legal advice regarding a knife?
We’re not lawyers so figure it out for yourself as if we give you legal advice, we can be on the hook if we get it wrong.

How to find out about legal stuff in case you’re not capable of figuring it out yourself :

1. Call a lawyer

2. Visit a lawyer

3. Look up the laws on-line
*** B. This can be a tricky one, because most people go to forums or some random website.
Go to a government website.
*** C. Links to government websites :
Memorandum D-19 : CLICK HERE
Criminal Code : CLICK HERE

4. Go to a bookstore. Don’t sit there and read them. Buy the books.

Basics :
1. Use common sense.
*** Example : a machete is used for cutting down brush. Is there brush downtown? No? Then you shouldn’t take a machete downtown. Only your own front/backyard and out in the sticks.
*** Example : a baseball bat is used for playing baseball. Are you playing baseball in the mall? No? Then you shouldn’t take a baseball bat there.

2. Wrap it up.
*** Example : going from your home to the great outdoors.
Carrying your machete in the wide open = dumb.
Packing and wrapping up your machete up so no one knows what you have and can’t freak out = smart.

3. Be smart.

Canadian Law is about common sense and intent.
What is your intent with the items you are carrying?
Think first.
Or don’t.
Up to you.

Airsoft – Not something to play with

September 19th, 2017

We’ve been selling airsoft products for roughly 15 years in Canada.
A lot has changed in those 15 years, from being 100% legal, to being somewhat prohibited, to receivers required to be clear or smoke plastic and back to metal receivers being once again acceptable.
But nothing about applying basic common sense has changed in the past 15 years.

You know it’s a toy gun.

But it doesn’t look like a toy gun.

And other people do not know it’s a toy gun … they will think it’s real.

This isn’t stupidity or ignorance on behalf of the people who call authorities worried about an individual waving a gun around a park. That’s just basic common sense. When it comes to weapons, assume the worst and hope for the best.

4 teens with replica gun were arrested at gun point near Victoria park …
Click here for full news article

Luckily this wasn’t purchased from us and we practice the refusal of selling items if someone who mentions malicious intent.

Always treat airsoft guns like the real deal. Bag them, trigger lock them, disconnect the battery, remove the magazine/clip while transporting them between your home, playing field or retail/repair shop. Do not go walking around town with them, do not store it in your glove box of your car, essentially do not be an idiot.

Paintball Dangerous?

September 13th, 2017

Today I had a customer refuse to put their 13 year old into the sport of Paintball.


They claimed it was too dangerous and the teen would get injured.

Here’s a little infographic to disprove that :
(Numbers based from the USA, Canada is most likely very similar).

Legal or Illegal in Canada

September 12th, 2017

A very common discussion we have in the store are customers perception of what Canadian Law is in regards to weapons. Many Canadians are under the impression that items that are legal in the USA or were once legal when they were 6 years old in the 1950s still applies here in Canada today.

Not so.

The Top 10 Items Requested that are in fact Prohibited in Canada

(these are asked for on almost a daily basis, ranging from 10, least popular, to 1, most popular)

10. – Sap jacks, Slapjack, Blackjack, and Slappers
9. – Hardwood Nunchaku
8. – Push Daggers
7. – Throwing Stars
6. – Pepper Spray for use on Humans ( Bear & Dog Spray are acceptable )
5. – OTF Knives ( Out The Front )
4. – Switchblades
3. – Tasers ( Cattle prods under certain conditions are acceptable )
2. – Butterfly Knives
1. – Brass Knuckles

The above list is only what we get asked for in the store and is by no means the limit of what is prohibited in Canada.

For a full list visit the RCMP website for Memorandum D-19-13-2
Link here : CLICK HERE

Please note : if you bring any of these items into our store, for whatever reason, you will get yelled at, ridiculed and grabbed by your earlobe and thrown out of our store. Why? Because these items are illegal/prohibited and you run the risk of our store getting shut down because of your dumbass actions.

Knife Laws in the USA

September 11th, 2017

A very common thing we hear at the store regarding prohibited weapons is :

“If this were the USA they’d all be legal!”

Not true at all.

Do not let Hollywood movies brainwash you into thinking you can carry that switchblade in any State of your choosing.

Check this out :

Knife Laws in the USA

Remember, here in Canada the vast majority of laws are Federal, meaning no matter which Province or Territory you live in, everyone is treated equally the same.

In the USA it is State by State.

So if we want to reverse the prohibition on switchblades and butterfly knives we have to do so on a Federal level and have the support of 51%+ more of the Canadian population.

Not an easy task.

Paul Daley Sucker Punch

May 9th, 2010

Paul Daley may have put his UFC career in jeopardy last night after lashing out at his opponent Josh Koscheck after their UFC 113 welterweight title eliminator.

There had been no love lost between the two men prior to the bout with Daley in particular wasting no opportunity to take a dig at his rivals looks, personality and fighting skills.

He may have won the pre-fight war-of-words but during the fight though it was Koscheck who had the upper-hand as Daley spent much of the three round encounter on his back with Koscheck using his wrestling base to control the UK fighter.

As the final bell rang he approached his opponent looking as if he was going to shake his hand, but then sucker punched his rival before being dragged away by referee Dan Miragliotta. To his credit Koscheck did not seek retribution, merely walking away from the confrontation shaking his head.

Paul Daley Sucker Punch after Bell Rings

At the post-fight press conference Dana White said that there was “no excuse” for Daley’s actions and confirmed that he will be cut from the UFC and will never fight for the promotion again.

“He’ll never come back,” White stated. “I don’t care if he’s the best 170-pounder in the world. He’s never coming back here.

By way of contrast, with the win Koscheck now gets a shot at GSP’s title and will star opposite him in the 12th season of The Ultimate Fighter.

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April 30th, 2010


Blade of Chaos from God of War – Special Order

March 31st, 2010


The limited production Blade of Chaos from God Of War is now available for Special Order. Delivery is an expected 2-1/2 weeks to our storefront at the time of ordering.

This unique piece measures 20-7/8″ overall. The 12-1/2″ blade is cast from zinc aluminum alloy with custom etched mold textures and features fantasy grindings that mirror the piece carried by Kratos.

One-piece hard-cast injection formed grip with chain trim.

Custom tabletop display stand.
Certificate of Authenticity included.

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God of War - Blade of Chaos

What English Sounds Like to Foreigners

February 8th, 2010

An Italian singer wrote this song with gibberish to sound like English.
If you’ve ever wondered what other people think Americans sound like, this is it.

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February 3rd, 2010

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