November 15th, 2017

Hey, do you guys have a website?

Yes …. yes we do.


November 10th, 2017

If the first thing you say when you walk through the front doors of a store is …

“I’m not one of those crazy people.”

… you probably are.








Your household rules are not Canadian Legal Laws

November 8th, 2017

Your household rules are not Canadian Legal Laws.

What does this mean?
It means if you have a family rule that your son is not allowed to wear shoes in the house then you can’t call the police and have him arrested when he decides to stroll through your living room wearing his muddy Nikes.

Same goes for knives. Airsoft. Axes. Fantasy Swords. And pretty much everything thing we sell.
Have you seen our website?

If you have a child and you have a household rule that he or she is not allowed to own knives …. that is between you and them.

I, and the staff at Dragon, have no magic abilities to see into your family life, nor would we want to.

There is no possible way for us to magically know what your home rules are.

Do we refuse sale to people?
You bet your tight ass we do!
If someone comes in to the store and starts talking about :
1) Hurting or killing animals (other than hunting purposes) for malicious reasons we will refuse.
Example : I hate my neighbours cat, I want a knife to gut it. NOPE.
2) Hurting or killing people. C’mon. That’s such an obvious NOPE.
Example : Really? I don’t need to give an example for that dumbass statement.

We’ve refused sales to people who have tested knives by trying to hide them on their person. NOPE. We’ve refused sales to someone who tested an airsoft pistol by trying to hide it in his waist band. No airsoft gamer hides his toy pistol in his Adidas jogging pants. NOPE.

It’s very simple really. If you talk about doing anything illegal then we will refuse sale of that item.

Age restriction? No. Canada treats everyone equal. If there were laws regarding age limitation then Boy/Girl Scouts, Cadets and other youth groups would not be allowed to use knives which is a fundamental part of their learning programs. Nor can you make exceptions to these laws saying only Cadets can have them as that is treating other citizens unfairly and unequally.

Now. All this comes from a phone call we had this morning.
It was in regards to selling a knife to his son. Apparently this young man has been shopping with us for quite some time and has amassed a decent collection which only just recently the parents discovered. So by their views this is our company’s fault.

Nope. This goes all the way back up to the first paragraph. This is a family rule between you and your family members.

Furthermore, after this we were told this young man has a mental disability.
We have a gentleman with a mental disability who purchases a Lord of the Rings sword every 2 months. We have another fellow who loves dragons and collects knives with any kind of dragon on them. The list goes on.

Are we supposed to refuse sale to someone because they are different?
Are we supposed to jump to conclusions, profile people, and treat them differently and refuse them sale because of our personal judgment?

I don’t know about you, but I’m Canadian and I treat everyone, regardless of how minor or major their differences may be, as the same. Everyone who walks, rolls, limps, pirouettes, sky-dives, jumps and tucks through our front doors is equal.

No, we don’t have a back door. Nice try troll.

If you don’t want someone in your family to have something we sell.
That’s between you and them.
Not us.

Talk to your instructor

November 6th, 2017

We’ve been in business since 1991 and are familiar with the basics most martial art clubs need BUT we do NOT know specifically the exact product your club may want.

Some Karate clubs will require only middle weight uniforms and not lightweight.
Some BJJ clubs may only want white uniforms and may reserve Blue and Black uniforms for higher belt ranking students.
Gloves, that’s a big important one, make sure what material, what weight and what design your club requires as these greatly vary from club to club.

Many clubs change systems or equipment specs almost every year to keep a fresh fun look and retain their students and it is impossible for us to keep track of what changes they have made.

It is your reaponsibility to know what your club needs.

And it’s simple. Ask your instructor.

We’re a website before we’re a store

October 31st, 2017

We’re not Dragon Impact …. we are

We’re a website who happened to open up a store. We started in 1991 with catalogue mail order, moved to online sales in 1998 and didn’t open our storefront in downtown until 2007.

We were a website long before we opened our storefront and as such we’ve gone to great lengths to advertise that fact. Our awning out front states “”, our company vehicle states “” as do our pens, knife pads, shirts, promo items, stickers, business cards, print & web ads and all banners and advertising.

So remember, go to our website first, , to see everything we carry.

As our inventory grows, and the display room in our storefront shrinks, we will slowly be making items only visible through our website. This means, like our clothing selection, you will have to ask for the item and then we retrieve it from storage.

To simplify things for everyone, come to the store prepared.
1) If the website says “SOLD OUT” this means it is not in stock.
2) Write down the full name of the item or better yet the 7 digit code after “Model” or print the page or screen shot the item with your mobile device.
3) Ask for assistance. Remember your item may not be on display so just because you can’t find it in the 6000+ items on the sales floor doesn’t mean we don’t have it. Ask for help.

We will begin specifying which items that are not on display and that are only in our warehouse on our website soon.

European Sword Anatomy and History

October 18th, 2017

We know they’re not real, others don’t.

October 17th, 2017

A big, and I mean BIG, problem we have with airsofters and paintballers is the thought process they have in thinking in regards to their toy gun.

Just because YOU know it’s a toy gun doesn’t mean that other people looking at it instinctively know that it’s a toy gun.

Almost daily we get asked “Is that a real gun?”. And almost daily our sales staff educate people what airsoft is and even after decades of paintball being relatively mainstream there are people who do not know what paintball is.

Now take that into consideration. We have to explain and educate people on a daily basis who just happen to take the time to come into our store. That’s just those who come into our shop. That means there is a lot of people who have no idea what airsoft/paintball is. And if those people see you with an uncovered pistol or rifle … you can bet they’ll call the police.

We had the police called to our store this past Monday.


Because we have a paintball marker in the window on the second floor.
It’s been there for months with signage.
And yet, despite the big bold lettering in the window an elderly woman called the Victoria Police Department.

I think that is pretty clear.
Don’t you?

VicPD asking who lives on the second floor.
They were told it’s our store offices & storage.

If someone reads a sign that clearly says ‘”Toy Guns” and still calls the police, imagine what someone will do if they see you walking around town with an uncovered pistol or rifle.

You know it’s a toy, they don’t. Trigger lock, keep it unloaded, CO2 or battery out, cover it by bagging it or boxing it. Treat it like the real thing and you won’t get into trouble.

Retail Rant of the Day

October 11th, 2017

If you work in retail, you know how it is and how a certain few people have surreal mind-blowing expectations.

Situation 1.

If you buy something and you break it, you’re not entitled to a refund or an exchange.
It’s broken.
It’s your responsibility to fix it or buy a new one.

What’s mind-blowing about this is the fact someone will travel, get in their car, spend their time, consume fuel, pay for parking, walk in the rain to the store to complain about a $10 item they bought over a month ago that is now missing a part because they dropped it on concrete too many times.

You broke it.

“Poor customer service! That’s illegal!!”
No, no it’s not.
There is no law saying you are entitled to a refund or exchange in Canada.
Click HERE for all the info.
It’s not poor customer service, it’s called common sense.

Situation 2.

Telling me you want me to sell you a knife for the sole purpose of stabbing someone … you bet your ass I’m going to kick you out of the store.

Don’t be upset, don’t yell, don’t cry and cuss, just use common sense and realize that hurting another human being is a crime.
Asking me to help with that crime … not going to happen.


Situation 3.

If it says sold out on our website. It’s sold out.
If you come into the store and ask for an item and we say “Sorry, we’re sold out but more will be in next week” it means there’s none in stock.

It does not mean there’s more hiding in the back.
We do not have a magic wand to make things miraculously appear.
This isn’t Star Trek where we can walk up to a compter and ask :
“Earl Grey, hot. Oh and one of those knives that’s been discontinued for 3 years.”

Again. Common sense.

Rant over for now.
Still 4 hours left in the day …. so … maybe not.

How to walk like a Ninja

October 4th, 2017

Refusal of Sale

September 25th, 2017

Today, as we have done many times before, we refused to sell someone a knife because they repeated how they needed it for self-defense and for harming another individual.


Do you go to a car dealership and ask for the best car to run someone over with?
Do you think they will sell you a car for the specific reason to run people over?

Do you ask the hardware salesperson which hammer will crush a skull the best?
Do you think that salesperson will help you with that?

Do NOT walk into my store and ask for weapons to hurt other people with.
That’s just stupid beyond belief.

Owning any weapon for the intended purpose of harming another individual can result in criminal charges.

We sell tools.
We sell camping/outdoor equipment.
We sell collectibles.
We sell backyard YouTube warrior toys.
We sell gear for survivalists.
We sell stuff for FUN.

Do you really need it for self-defense? Fine. Don’t tell us. Walk in. Keep quiet. Buy your item and whatever happens to you is your responsibility.

Treat us like the Canada Border Security.
The less we know, the better it is for you.
( We have a sign in the store that says these exact words … read it)

Do not brag about your past violent acts.
Do not try to impress us with your future plans of violence.
Do not try to guilt us by saying you will be a victim without a weapon.
Keep your mouth shut. Keep quiet. Buy it, or don’t buy it. I don’t care.
But do NOT argue with me or my staff about your needs to purchase a weapon to hurt other people with it.

We will not sell to you.
And that’s final.