Canada Border Services Agency Seizure

To those who think we were making it up, it is now come to the point where Canadians are being charged for importing folding knives.

We do not have details about the individual or business importing these knives so there may be a back story to this that we do not know.

What we do know is that all the knives shown in the picture are Spring Assisted knives and perfectly legal within Canada, however, because of the new CBSA Policy implemented by the CITT these knives are considered prohibited for entry (import) into Canada.

Many people have a hard time wrapping their heads around this idea.
So here’s the best I can do to explain this …
Get an empty box and put it in the middle of your room.
Write “Canada” on the side of the box.
Now you can put anything you want into that box, except a folding knife.
Put a kitchen knife in it, put a hammer in it, put a wrench in it, but you CANNOT put a one hand opening folding knife in to the box.
If you have your PAL you can put a SHOTGUN in the box, but you can’t put your 3″ blade Spyderco folding knife in it.

And another thing :

If you look inside the box and go “Hey there’s a folding knife already in the box!” That’s OK, it can stay there, that’s perfectly legal.
Problem is this, if you take it out of the box and go on vacation, you CANNOT put it back into the box when you return.

I mean you can try, but as the article states above (which was released this morning June 12 at 7am PST) you run the risk of being charged. CBSA may not simply take the knife away from you, they now have set a precedent where someone has been charged for importing one hand opening knives.

Sign the petition to reverse this CITT policy by clicking this link : because now we’re not trying to get our tools into Canada but now we’re trying to protect Canadians from being charged for simply wanting a cutting tool that has cool dragons on the handle.

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