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This past week we’ve seen an increase in customers not knowing what they need and despite our efforts to pull out the required information from them we are still unable to fulfill their needs as they didn’t know the answers to the questions.

Example :
“I need a karate uniform for my sister’s boyfriend’s nephew.”
“Ok, what size of uniform, colour and weight do you need?”
“I don’t know, don’t you?”
“Nope. Neither do I, I made a deal with Odin prior to being born, I gave up psychic abilities for good looks, so I do not possess the ability to magically know the size, colour and weight of a uniform for someone I never met by simply closing my eyes and humming some made up mantra.”

The easiest way to look at this is by using a reference to cars.
If you walk into Canadian Tire and ask for an air filter they’ll come at you with a slew of questions such as who manufacturers your car, what model, what year, and so forth. And most people know this … about cars at least.
So many people do not apply the need for details as they do with automobile parts with other items in the known world.

If you want the transaction to go quickly and smoothly …. come prepared.
Get all the details first.
Research through our website.
Do not expect us to have magic abilities.

We do not have super powers but we’re damn fine good looking!
Thanks Odin.

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