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How come you don’t know the laws in the USA?

Monday, February 26th, 2018

Customer traveling from the USA : “Is this legal in the USA?”

Me : “Sorry, I don’t know.”

USA Customer : “Why not? You sell this stuff, you should know!”

Me : “No. Sorry. I don’t know the laws of foreign countries.”

USA Customer : “I’m not a foreigner!!!”

Me : ……. stares blankly ……

We’re not lawyers

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Need legal advice regarding a knife?
We’re not lawyers so figure it out for yourself as if we give you legal advice, we can be on the hook if we get it wrong.

How to find out about legal stuff in case you’re not capable of figuring it out yourself :

1. Call a lawyer

2. Visit a lawyer

3. Look up the laws on-line
*** B. This can be a tricky one, because most people go to forums or some random website.
Go to a government website.
*** C. Links to government websites :
Memorandum D-19 : CLICK HERE
Criminal Code : CLICK HERE

4. Go to a bookstore. Don’t sit there and read them. Buy the books.

Basics :
1. Use common sense.
*** Example : a machete is used for cutting down brush. Is there brush downtown? No? Then you shouldn’t take a machete downtown. Only your own front/backyard and out in the sticks.
*** Example : a baseball bat is used for playing baseball. Are you playing baseball in the mall? No? Then you shouldn’t take a baseball bat there.

2. Wrap it up.
*** Example : going from your home to the great outdoors.
Carrying your machete in the wide open = dumb.
Packing and wrapping up your machete up so no one knows what you have and can’t freak out = smart.

3. Be smart.

Canadian Law is about common sense and intent.
What is your intent with the items you are carrying?
Think first.
Or don’t.
Up to you.

Legal or Illegal in Canada

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

A very common discussion we have in the store are customers perception of what Canadian Law is in regards to weapons. Many Canadians are under the impression that items that are legal in the USA or were once legal when they were 6 years old in the 1950s still applies here in Canada today.

Not so.

The Top 10 Items Requested that are in fact Prohibited in Canada

(these are asked for on almost a daily basis, ranging from 10, least popular, to 1, most popular)

10. – Sap jacks, Slapjack, Blackjack, and Slappers
9. – Hardwood Nunchaku
8. – Push Daggers
7. – Throwing Stars
6. – Pepper Spray for use on Humans ( Bear & Dog Spray are acceptable )
5. – OTF Knives ( Out The Front )
4. – Switchblades
3. – Tasers ( Cattle prods under certain conditions are acceptable )
2. – Butterfly Knives
1. – Brass Knuckles

The above list is only what we get asked for in the store and is by no means the limit of what is prohibited in Canada.

For a full list visit the RCMP website for Memorandum D-19-13-2
Link here : CLICK HERE

Please note : if you bring any of these items into our store, for whatever reason, you will get yelled at, ridiculed and grabbed by your earlobe and thrown out of our store. Why? Because these items are illegal/prohibited and you run the risk of our store getting shut down because of your dumbass actions.