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TOPS Knives - Survival Whistle Self Defense - TKSW $9.99  $4.99
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TOPS Knives - Survival Whistle Self Defense - TKSW

***FIELD TEST TO 126 DB.... MIGHTY LOUD INDEED SOLD INDIVIDUALLY Individual Survival, or Family outing, Hunting trip, Scout trip, Back-country Skiing, Canoe trips, Women's Alert Signal, and a dozen other practical uses. Hardened heavy duty plastic, no moving parts to freeze up. ULTRA HEAVY DUTY,...
Kodiak - Wildlife Deterrent Horn (Klaxon) $19.99  $14.99
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Kodiak - Wildlife Deterrent Horn (Klaxon)

This horn is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand (just 12cm tall) and yet so loud that it produces a 112dB of noise that can be heard from a kilometer away. With the Kodiak Wildlife Deterrent Horn, you can alert wildlife of your presence from a distance and either prevent a surprise...