Blackfire Flashlights

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Blackfire - 8882 Clamplight $39.99  $14.99
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Blackfire - 8882 Clamplight

Brilliant White LED Blackfire® CLAMPLIGHT uses a 1 watt Cree® White XR-C LED. The LED's from US maker Cree® are found in the finest lights in the world. Better color, longer lasting, and with outstanding quality assurance. Bulb life is virtually forever at 100,000 hours. Up to 100 lumens which is...
Blackfire - Clamplight Lantern - 910 $54.99  $25.99
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Blackfire - Clamplight Lantern - 910

From Blackfire™, the leader in innovation in flashlights comes Clamplight Lantern. Clamplight Lantern is the first and only lantern able to clamp to branches, tents and back packs and boats. Perfect for backyard barbeques, lighting workspaces, and during blackouts. It locks open to stand when there...