Why Us

Why Dragon Impact ...

As one of Canada's largest specialty knife stores, family owned and operating since 1991, our reputation still relies heavily on giving the best quality product, excellent service and the largest selection to choose from. We are Authorized Dealers with many of the companies on the website, and specialize in retailing quality knives and accessories from around the world. From the world's smallest knives to the world's largest, for any occasion, Dragon Impact has quite the selection. In addition, we carry the best quality and most original selection of swords and collectables. Perfect for avid collectors and Practitoners!

Please be advised! Even though we are authorized dealers, we carry only selected companies and selected models in stock. What we do not have in stock we can order in. Delivery time for special orders can vary from 3 days to an average of 2 weeks (longer times are rare but can occur due to weather or Canadian Customs).

We don't do repairs on knives, paintball markers or airsoft guns as we are strickly a Retail Store.

Advantages for Canadian Customers :
No need to shop in the U.S, because our PRICES ARE THE U.S. PRICES AND IN SOME CASES LESS!
You don't pay the BROKERAGE FEES!
You don't pay the BORDER DUTY FEES!
You don't pay the taxes on the DUTY FEES!
Most importantly, you don't have to take the chance of losing your product and your money at the border!

Advantages for American Customers :
This is a great advantage for our American Customers, as our prices are the U.S. prices and in some cases less!
You don't pay Sales Tax, as the product is being shipped out of the Country!


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Orders under $100 are $19.99 for Shipping
Orders between $100 and $200 are $14.99 for Shipping
Orders over $200 are Free Shipping

*** NOTE ***
Some oversized items will require
extra shipping. This amount will be
listed on the item page.