SPM - Game of Thrones - Balon Greyjoy Copper Penny Coin

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Copper penny of Balon Greyjoy
Pure Copper
~2.0 grammes
Balon Greyjoy on obverse
Appx 1.8 cm in diameter, about the size of a U.S. Dime
The Great Kraken on reverse
Done in “country” style
Undated: circa: AC 300
Uses the same coin-die as the Balon Stag

This small copper penny piece is from the Iron Islands in the mythical realm of Westeros shortly after the death of King Robert Baratheon, about three hundred years after Aegon I Targaryen united the warring kingdoms of Westeros under one ruler. Westeros is the scene of events taking place in the novels by author George R.R. Martin. This piece has been struck on a handmade planchet of ~2 grammes of pure copper, about 20mm in diameter, using the same dies also used for the silver stag. While it appears late in the story, it is designed in an older traditional “country” style with a stylized portrait of Balon Greyjoy, declaring himself Lord of the Iron Islands in defiance of the crown held by Joffrey.

Balon wears a crown and holds an axe and a great pearl, signifying that he wields sea-power. The reverse shows the Kraken, sigil of House Greyjoy… the great sea monster capable of pulling ships to the bottom and feeding upon their crews. This particular piece has been “circulated” such that is has some toning and wear on it, emulating coins that have passed through many hands.

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