The Incredible Stun Baton - Canada Legal - Rechargeable V2.0

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- 200 Lumens LED Flashlight ( slide switch one position forward ).
- Easy 3 position slide switch ( Off, Flashlight, Armed ).
- Flashlight has 3 settings :
. - High level light
. - Low level light
. - Strobe light
- Master kill switch at base for added safety.
- Red light indicator when powered on and armed.
- Two step activation process for added security :
. - Slide switch forward until Red light turns on.
. - Press Red button to activate discharge.
- All Metal (aluminum) baton construction .
- Metal carabiner clip
- Rechargeable internal batteries ( uses 2 x 18650 combined as one ).
- NOTE : do NOT overcharge the batteries. Charge up to 4 hours.

Input voltage : 4.2VDC
Power current : 2.0A
Size : 510mm
Weight: 1.08 lbs ( 490 grams +/- 10 grams ) including the batteries

Question : I don't see an electrical arc on both sides, is there an issue?

Answer : No issue. Not all electrical currents and arcs are visible to the naked eye. There is still electricity passing.

Question : How do 18650 batteries make a high voltage?

Answer : The baton uses a high grade ultra high voltage generator module inverter inside the baton that converts simple 18650 batteries to a high voltage output.

Question : Dude, how is this legal in Canada?

Answer : Because they meet Canada's requirement for minimum length of 480mm.
Anything shorter than 480mm is prohibited in Canada.

Question : Why isn't it turning on?

Answer : (1) Check the Main Switch at the base of the handle. This kills all functions. Press once for ON and again for OFF. (2) Did you remove the batteries? If so, make sure they are inserted correctly.




It is recommended not to let the batteries completely drain, this is so you can easily tell if your Main Switch is on or off for recharging reasons.

What if my batteries are completely dead?
By touch is the easiest way, when the Main Switch ( kill switch ) feels raised, the unit is ON. If the switch feels depressed the unit is OFF.
If this does not work, trial and error, let the unit charge for an hour and if it does not turn on, press the Main Switch, and charge for another hour and test again.

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