Mumei Gendaito Shinken Iaido Katana - Early 1900s - Consignment


This katana is perfect for iaido training and is a hand forged gendaito.  It can also be used for tameshi-giri.  The hamon is large and healthy with good activity.  The hada is forged tightly and is well made.  The mounts are sound and usable.  The saya is in good shape and can be used for iaido.

相州無銘現代刀Sōshū(Sagami)Mumei Gendaito
Mei: mumei  
Date: early 1900's

Nagasa : 27  7/8 "

Sori: 18.0 mm

Width at the ha-machi: 32.6 mm

Width at the yokote: 23.9 mm 

Thickness at the mune-machi: 7.4 mm
Construction: shinogi-zukuri 鎬造り(本造り)

棟Mune: iori 
 中心Nakago: ubu 化妝

地肌 鍛えKitae: ko-itame小板目

刃紋Hamon: large gunome midare大互目

帽子Boshi:  maru 小丸

Condition:  old polish (minor stains and scuffs) no flaws

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