Denix - 1869 Smith & Wesson Revolver - 1008/NQ

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Denix Replica Smith & Wesson 1869.

The Smith & Wesson model 3 was a single-action, cartridge-firing, top-break revolver produced by Smith & Wesson from 1870 to 1915. It was produced in several variations and sub-variations, including both the aforementioned "Russian Model", so named because it was supplied to military of the Russian Empire (20,000 No. 3's were ordered in .44 caliber by the Imperial Russian Army in 1871), and the "Schofield" model, named after Major George W. Schofield, who made his own modifications to the Model 3 to meet his perceptions of the Cavalry's needs, which Smith & Wesson incorporated into an 1875 design they named after the Major, planning to obtain significant military contracts for the new revolver.

The S&W Model 3 was originally chambered for the .44 S&W American and .44 Russian cartridges, and typically did not have the cartridge information stamped on the gun (as is standard practice for most commercial firearms). Model 3 revolvers were also later produced in an assortment of calibres, including .44 Henry Rimfire, .44-40, .32-44, .38-44, and .45 Schofield.

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