SPM - Game of Thrones - Torrhen Stark Copper Penny Coin

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Torrhen Stark Copper Penny
Pure Copper
2.0 grammes
1.9 cm diameter, slightly smaller than a U.S. Penny
Torrhen Stark image on obverse
Wolf on reverse
Struck at Winterfell Mint
Undated: circa pre-conquest

This small copper piece is of the size and weight that is known as a “penny”. It dates from some three hundred years before King Robert Baratheon’s reign… from back before Aegon’s conquest, when Westeros consisted of seven independant kingdoms. The last ruler of the independant North Kingdom was Torrhen Stark, whose castle at Winterfell features heavily in the first of author George R.R. Martin’s novels. This piece weighs about 2.0 grams of pure copper, and is about 2 cm in diameter. The dies are done in a primitivistic style reminiscent of the medieval coinage of the real-world William I period.

The obverse features a facing portrait of the king bearing war-hammers, with the inscription TORRHEN STARK around, and the reverse features the face of a Dire Wolf, and the inscription WINTERFELL. It is undated (like most ancient coins) but is thought to have been struck at the castle armory of Winterfell towards the end of Torrhen’s reign. The dire-wolf is the sigil of the house of Stark.

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