SPM - Game of Thrones - Loren Lannister Half Penny Coin

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House Lannister: Collector Grade Half-Penny of Loren Lannister
1.6 cm diameter, slightly smaller than a U.S. Dime
The coin is undated.
The obverse is Loren Lannister with sword.
The reverse bears the lion rampant sigil of House Lannister.

Loren Lannister was the last king of Casterly Rock, before Aegonís Conquest that united Westeros under one ruler. He and King Mearn of House Gardener united forces to push Aegonís armies back, but, at the Reach, King Mearn was killed along with thousands of their troops, and Loren bent knee to Aegonís conquest, earning him the title of Warden of the West and Lord of Casterly Rock.

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  • Model: 7002348
  • Manufactured by: Shire Post Mint