Bling Sting - Ahh!-larm Super Loud Personal Alarm - Gold

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So maybe you arenít quite ready for pepper spray. Maybe you are under the age of 18, or have young kids, or live in a province or state that we canít ship pepper spray to. Thatís totally fine, we get it, but you do need our AHH!-LARM.

These sparkly hearts look ah-dorable, but push the red button and WATCH OUT! The 115-decibel siren sounds immediately, deterring potential attackers and alerting anyone in the surrounding area that you are in need of assistance. There is also a cute little LED light that serves as a bonus for when you need it.

PS Ė we think it looks extra cute on a young girl's backpack, and would so give our school-age daughter one if we had a school-age daughter. Plus, glitter is life.

Gold Glitter Model

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  • Model: 8666064
  • Manufactured by: Bling Sting