ZI - Mutilating Zombie Target - Bill - 11-002 - N.O.D.

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Bill was a quite guy who kept to himself as he worked nights at the pudding factory. There was nothing in this world that he loved more than pudding, all flavors… vanilla, chocolate, tapioca… he loved them all. Some say too much! One dark night a fresh batch had just finished cooking and the lid on the giant vat had been removed for cooling. Bill knew it wasn’t safe to climb out on the catwalk over the tanks, but he also knew there was nothing like the taste of fresh butterscotch. The only problem was, unbeknownst to Bill, this vat was not properly cleaned before the latest pudding batch was added… the perfect breading ground for a particularly nasty strain of bacteria. The bacteria caused a violent bubbling reaction as it cooled, and when it splattered up on the metal catwalk, Bill lost his footing and slipped right into the pudding abyss. Pudding is like quicksand and can kill in an instant. But Bill’s love for pudding allowed him to ingest his way to the top. The only problem, the nasty strain of bacteria had already attached itself to Bills digestive system by that time. In an instant, it quickly multiplied and overtook Bill from the inside out turning him into the Undead.

Each Patent Pending Mutilating Zombie is cloned in the USA at our San Diego, California facility by God-fearing workers. They are hand painted to simulate an infected human that just finished devouring someone’s brain, with realistic features to heighten your sensitivity and maximize your Zombie readiness training! What sets our Mutilating Zombie’s apart from the pack?? In addition to being filled with biodegradable matter for easy clean-up, our Mutilating Zombies physically show visible bodily devastation when shot? That’s right, the destruction is easy to see with every shot… Mutilation baby!

Location : Basement End

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  • Model: ZIMBill
  • Manufactured by: Zombie Industries