Valken - Lipo/LiFe/Li-Ion Battery Smart Charger

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Valken Energy Lipo/LiFe/Li-Ion Battery Smart Charger / BMS Balancing Charger

Advanced individual charging method - charge each cell individually
Safer and faster charging for better battery performance and life
Fits most 2S to 3S Li-PO/Li-Fe battery packs with XH type balance connectors
Light weight, super easy to use
Multiple protection features provide maximum safety
Fixed charging current of 1A
Includes external AC adapter
Reverse polarity protection
Short-circuit protection
Input voltage protection
Dimensions: 88mm x 57.3mm x 16.8mm (L x W x H)
Indicators: LED (Charging: Solid Red / Fully Charged: Solid Green)
Charging Current: 1.3A
Compatible Chemistry: Li-Po/LiFePO4
Input Voltage: 100 - 240V AC/12V DC 1500mA
Charging Voltage Range: 8.4V - 12.6V (Li-Po)7.2V-10.8V(Li-Fe)
Weight: 100g

Manufacturer: Valken

* Never attempt to charge 2 battery packs simultaneously
* Never leave the charger unattended when it's connected to the power supply
* Terminate charging when any malfunctions is observed
* Keep away from dust,damp, water, heat, direct sunshine and vibration
* Never place it on case seat, carpet or something similar. Place the product on heat-resistant, non-flammable and non-conductive surface
* Do Not charge the following types of battery:
o Lead acid battery or VRLA
o NiMH or NiCD battery pack
o Non-rechargeable battery (explosion hazard)
o Faulty or damaged battery
o Any other types except for LiPo/Li-ion/LiFePO4 battery packs
o Battery pack which consist of different types of cell, or different brands

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  • Model: 9881267
  • Manufactured by: Valken